Amphibious [adjective]

Definition of Amphibious:

occurring in water

Synonyms of Amphibious:

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Sentence/Example of Amphibious:

Long before the USS Bonhomme Richard, an amphibious assault ship, caught fire Sunday morning, San Diego portside communities were already working to measure and quell the air pollution they regularly experience from nearby industrial shipyards.

Boatmen and the amphibious harpies who prey upon the traveller reaped a copper and silver harvest of great weight.

The Nile contributes to fecundity more than other rivers, and among other animals of large bulk, produces the amphibious kind.

Then happened one of those aquatic incidents which lend an atmosphere all their own to amphibious war.

"Reminds me of the amphibious exercises we used to have in the Marines," Scotty commented to Rick.

I will merely say, at this time, that the creature referred to is an amphibious biped and inhabits the ocean near this coast.

We observed also an amphibious animal like a cow, which gave milk; its skin is so hard, that they usually make bucklers of it.

Now that he no longer could, it was ten times worse, and he pictured the amphibious demon gliding beneath the water to seize him.

Perhaps all shells were originally marine, but some became first amphibious and then terrestrial.

Amphibious animals have winter sleep, those which live merely in the ocean excepted.