Amphora [noun]

Definition of Amphora:

large jug

Synonyms of Amphora:




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Sentence/Example of Amphora:

The first vase in the engraving on the following page, which is exactly the shape of the classic amphora, is over three feet high.

Two slaves carrying a great amphora hanging from a pole swung between their shoulders, stopped near them a moment to rest.

Flies buzzed about their heads in clouds; an amphora of water stood within their reach.

By this point the amphora was fastened into the soft earth, or the holes in the tap-room counters specially intended for them.

Here allusion is made to a hole in the stone floor designed to secure the amphora.

The unsuspecting brown girl trips jauntily down to the river-bank to fill her amphora—usually a battered Standard Oil tin.

She hesitated whether to break an Arabic amphora close by, or to fall on that bowed head and scratch it with her nails.

We see this form, as well as many others of the Greek amphora, in all modern work.

The great amphora (Fig. 38) is in the Louvre Museum, and is one of the most perfect known.

Three men come from the well, each bearing a big clay amphora of water that must be boiled before we drink it.