Amplenesses [noun]

Definition of Amplenesses:

great amount or supply

Synonyms of Amplenesses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Amplenesses:

Sentence/Example of Amplenesses:

Maine, for example, did well controlling the virus over the summer and required quarantining with ample testing available, she said.

According to the chef behind Sunset Squares, there’s still ample opportunity for creativity and interesting new concepts in the virtual space.

The slacker geometry, improved Future Shock, and ample dropouts make it a gravel grinder for all types of riders.

There are “ample studies” demonstrating health effects when particulate pollution is at levels “well below” the current standard, he said.

It maintains that its services face ample competition and have unleashed innovations that help people manage their lives.

“Even when China is leading the world with several vaccines in advanced stages of R&D and with ample production capacity, it still decided to join Covax,” Hua said.

Convenient zip-front and pit zips allow for ample ventilation, and the hood is both adjustable and climbing helmet-compatible.

The initial hope is to offset the ample carbon emissions from mining itself using these minerals already extracted in the process.

Sewn in the United States with an ample amount of Polartec Wind Pro fabric, this hoodie is made to last and has kept me warm even when temperatures drop into the thirties.

When the war is over, their claims will be reaffirmed with increased ampleness and energy.