Amplest [adjective]

Definition of Amplest:

more than necessary, sufficient

Synonyms of Amplest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Amplest:

Sentence/Example of Amplest:

Great talent, the amplest civil experience, and the purest patriotism are an inadequate basis of strength for an administration.

"Pardon me, general, but my friend has frequently told me the story in its amplest details," Valentine observed.

It was the crowning iniquity of the Inquisition that it thus afforded to the evil-minded the amplest opportunity of wrong-doing.

Yet here, again, see how little need of Greek for the amplest use of a Greek author.

From them have been extracted—in times of peace—the amplest admissions of the justice of the Uitlander case.

Shakespeare are the amplest freight brought home by any voyager.

If he erred, the world took ample revenge upon him for it, while he conferred in return his amplest blessing on the world.

My present impressions are in favor of making the amplest provision in the library for the use of books there.

Charles smiled, and promised to obtain from Duke Alfonso the amplest satisfaction.

In them humanity has its freest play and amplest expression.