Amplified [verb]

Definition of Amplified:

increase in size or effect

Synonyms of Amplified:

Opposite/Antonyms of Amplified:

Sentence/Example of Amplified:

Pliny supplemented and amplified the weekly newspaper, and so was very useful to Baines.

The quaint methods of previous witnesses are amplified by M. de la Rive.

The engineer tapped on the microphone, and the tap, greatly amplified, reverberated across the airstrip.

The "belief" here referred to is somewhat amplified in other parts of the Bible, and notably in John iii.

I asked him to be more explicit, and he amplified his epigram into: "Pekingese."

Clash of character being the starting point of drama we have it amplified in the international by both sympathy and dissonance.

The story, as told of Melusina, was amplified, but in its substance differed little from the foregoing.

Lunch is comparatively a light meal, and dinner at six or seven is simply an amplified lunch.

The love songs stopped abruptly; after a momentary silence, a trumpet, considerably amplified, blared; the "Ducal Salute."

Wherever commerce or mechanical enterprise imparts a quickening touch, we find the vocabulary of the African amplified.