Amplifies [verb]

Definition of Amplifies:

increase in size or effect

Synonyms of Amplifies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Amplifies:

Sentence/Example of Amplifies:

Throughout his metaphysical speculations Galen reproduces and amplifies the Hippocratic dogmatism.

The English writer somewhat amplifies this, Echo being always a favourite stage-character.

And now I can add a second characteristic of the sword, a characteristic which amplifies and corroborates the first.

The poet lingers lovingly over his thought as if loath to leave it; he repeats, amplifies.

He does not deny that he amplifies and emphasises the sentiments he has learnt in the school of English politics.

Name the four periods in which the narrative amplifies and at the same time the miracles multiply.

Again, in the times of Elijah and Elisha, the narrative amplifies, and the miracles multiply.

The existing “Code de Commerce” amplifies but substantially adopts the provisions of the “Ordonnance.”

The great resemblance between these two passages is very striking; the latter only amplifies the former by very few words.

He alone is a creator; he alone varies, enriches, amplifies his song, and augments it by new strains.