Amplitudes [noun]

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The somewhat clunky prevailing method for calculating amplitudes is something called a Feynman diagram, named for its inventor, Richard Feynman.

“We build a shape, and the volume of the shape gives me an amplitude,” said Arkani-Hamed.

The amplituhedron is a simpler way of calculating amplitudes.

Instead, they’re described by an amplitude, which is like a probability that the collision plays out in a given way.

They’ve also shown that three-point amplitudes serve as the building blocks of four- and higher-point amplitudes involving more and more particles.

The proof is wrought out in detail, with great amplitude of evidence, acuteness of argument, and to an irresistible conclusion.

The intensity of any light depends upon the amplitude of the corresponding vibration, and its color depends upon the wave length.

Their historic lore and unequaled grandeur give them amplitude and poetry enough to kindle and enrich the imagination.

The amplitude of a star is its distance from the prime vertical, measured on the horizon, north or south.

The difference is due to the greater amplitude of vibration caused by more energy being used.