Amply [adverb]

Definition of Amply:

fully, sufficiently

Opposite/Antonyms of Amply:

Sentence/Example of Amply:

“The owner of a Loma Portal home is amply safeguarded,” the ad read.

Barbour adds that 'many others of mickle main' were killed in the mle; and the statement is amply confirmed.

They, however, kept the same warmth of feeling for him, as was amply proved during the crisis of 1877.

Two days were amply sufficient to see all that Calais has to exhibit.

If there were something rude and uncouth in old Schiller, it was amply compensated by his noble spirit.

The list of challenge cups presented by Her Majesty will amply confirm the assertion.

This excellent meal was washed down with a few mouthfuls of Catalonian refino, with which the soldier appeared amply provided.

We suffered considerably with thirst, but our guns furnished us amply with buffalo meat.

He pays a guinea a-week only; but Mrs. Topcroft has told me that it pays her amply, and she could not have got along without it.

Thatcher has filled me amply with expensive urban food in this sylvan retreat—nectar and ambrosia.