Ampoules [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ampoules:

No information of composition was given on the box, except the line: Chaque ampoule contient: 0 gr.

He broke open a tiny ampoule, and as the drops of liquid touched it the stout fabric began to disappear.

After cleaning a spot on her arm, he dug out a needle, and filled it from an ampoule.

There are only three ampoules of this and they also say, maximum dose one ampoule.

They met together one night in the Duke of Ampoule's country house, six miles eastward of Alca, to consider ways and means.

MacMaine tossed the stinking ampoule out into the corridor as Tallis tried to focus his eyes.

He rode always on a white horse, being covered by a magnificent canopy, upheld by the knights of the Sainte Ampoule.

The dynasty of the Bourbons was at an end, and the knights of the Saint Ampoule had been created for the last time.

The story of the Sainte Ampoule is not without its interest in showing the growth of ideas.

From them, he compounded a liquid mixture which he forced into the ampoule of a hypodermic needle.