Ampullae [noun]

Definition of Ampullae:

small container for liquid

Synonyms of Ampullae:

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Sentence/Example of Ampullae:

Straightway there descends a dove white as snow, bearing in its beak an ampulla full of chrism sent from heaven.

The holy ampulla containing it is kept in the church of Saint Remi at Reims.

And by God's grace on the day of the King's anointing this ampulla is always found full.

If an ampulla be inflated and then pressed, the corresponding tube-foot will be seen to extend.

The chief sign of the Canterbury pilgrimage was an ampul or ampulla or flask of lead or pewter.

She brought cups and an ampulla of wine—not from among those upon the shelves.

In his free hand Wardo clutched a brazen beaker, which the girl filled constantly from a fat-sided ampulla on her knee.

The ampulla is an antique vessel of pure gold, used for containing the holy oil at coronations.

At length the ovum slips out of the ampulla—the common result—or the tube bursts.

He went on to make the handle of the ampulla, an easy matter compared with making the spout.