Amputated [verb]

Definition of Amputated:

remove a limb

Synonyms of Amputated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Amputated:


Sentence/Example of Amputated:

He was wounded in the left shoulder, forearm and right hand and had to have his left arm amputated the next day.

Kemmer asked as Albert looked down at his amputated finger that still was remarkably attached to his hand.

Sometimes it was the toe, sometimes the leg, and at others the knee of the amputated limb which caused him to cry out.

I found myself next to an old soldier with the right leg amputated, who had come in with me.

His amputated great-toe does not mend: out upon it, the world itself is all so amputated, and not like mending!

Cecè did not kill her, he chloroformed her and amputated her arm.

Another man-wolf was punished by having his feet amputated, and in a moment he became a man without hands or feet.

The doctor was only a boy in appearance, a little Scotchman, and as noble-hearted a man as ever amputated a limb.

His left leg had been amputated above the knee; the stump was swathed in blood-stained cloths.

To remove all doubts, it was judged necessary to remove the arms, which were amputated with a penknife.