Amputating [verb]

Definition of Amputating:

remove a limb

Synonyms of Amputating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Amputating:


Sentence/Example of Amputating:

Their commander is a serious man with his left arm amputated just below the elbow.

He was removed to the rear, and the doctors decided that it was necessary to amputate the right leg.

Will it cripple you seriously to lose that hand; because Im afraid theyll have to amputate when you go down.

The thing necessary was to amputate the gangrened limb, and so prevent the disease from attacking the whole body.

True, her right leg was broken, and it had been necessary to amputate her left foot in order to save her life.

For a moment she had a passing dream that some one was trying to amputate her hand with a wood-saw, then it all came back to her.

The husband called in a doctor, who said he must amputate the injured part.

You know J—— always wants to amputate everything that can be cut or sawed off.

The surgeons put off amputating the leg, he was so exhausted, but at last it was imperatively necessary to amputate.

Just about this time it happened that I got permission from Dr. May to amputate a thigh midway between the hip and the knee.