Amrita [noun]

Definition of Amrita:

sweet drink

Synonyms of Amrita:

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Sentence/Example of Amrita:

The gods churned the surface of the sea to make the Amrita Cup, the cup of the water of life.

In the epics the gods allied themselves with the demons to procure amrita from Vishnu's Sea of Milk.

Meanwhile the demons desired to combat against the gods for the possession of the beautiful goddess Lakshmi and the amrita.

But Vishnu assumed a bewitching female form, and so charmed the Asuras that they presented the amrita to that fair woman.

Rendered immortal by the amrita the head soared to the sky, roaring loud and long.

Then, having broken the revolving wheel, that bright sky-ranger flew forth with the amrita which was contained in the moon goblet.

The amrita had only reached his throat when the sun and moon discovered him and informed Vishnu.

Blissful amrita , the nectar of immortality, pulsed through me with a quicksilverlike fluidity.

In India the amrita, the god's food of immortality, was sometimes regarded as the sap exuded from the sacred trees of paradise.

The Indian tree of life was supposed to "sweat" amrita just as the incense trees of Arabia produce the divine life-giving incense.