Amucks [adverb]

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If you give steroids to a patient who is not yet exhibiting signs of an overactive immune system, you may actually make them sicker by allowing SARS-CoV-2 to run amuck.

I learned to swing an axe by cutting down saplings, and ran "amuck" among them just as my elders did among the larger trees.

The elephant was not running amuck, though he might eventually work himself into that blind ungovernable rage.

As a wild beast is tied to keep it from running amuck, so the Law bridles mad and furious man to keep him from running wild.

His men were hoisting aboard the three dripping, sputtering passengers who had run amuck.

Here they were back in civilization, and her man of the woods was straightway running amuck.

Syme attitude of mind as the Zulu who runs amuck at the sound of a drum.

Drunkenness is rare, but they are passionate, and running amuck is frequent among them.

Here had been her opportunity, and she had run amuck through all the range of sugary things!

If she had any fear at all it was for the man at her left—Denny—who might run amuck on her account and spoil everything.