Amulets [noun]

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Was it a charm or amulet to be used by anyone which derived its value from the signification given to it?

A girl who loves one man purely has about her an amulet which defies the advances of the profligate.

She plucked an amulet from her neck, gazing on it for an instant ere she laid it softly, tenderly, in the dead man's breast.

In Aristotle's time, rue hung about the neck as an amulet prevented witchcraft.

When the girl heard that her spouse had been killed she took a piece of his skin and wore it as an amulet.

I shall never forget your promise, however, but seek your aid with this amulet in the hour of need.

It serves particularly as a sort of amulet, to protect against sickness-demons.

This amulet is a coloured stone shaped like a beetle—more specifically, the scarab.

As an amulet, however, its original significance was that of a vehicle of the soul, designed to protect against external dangers.

The amulet and talisman are purely magical objects, means by which their possessor may produce magical effects.