Amuses [verb]

Definition of Amuses:

entertain; make laugh

Synonyms of Amuses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Amuses:

Sentence/Example of Amuses:

Which amuses me as cutting fees to zero, which they have largely done, is at once a great way to democratize investing, and, also, a great way to encourage folks to trade more frequently.

Washington interim coach Bill Callahan wasn’t amused, but the incident seemed like a potential learning experience, and one that everyone might well look back on and laugh at after Haskins established himself as the franchise’s answer at quarterback.

Hearst loved having Mankiewicz around because he was amused by the writer’s sharp wit and barbed bon mots.

It did not amuse me, nor, so far as I could discern, was Monsieur de Tressan greatly taken with it.

You think that if a man's charming, that's the end of him, and that all he's good for is to amuse a few old ladies at a tea party.

When he was in a good humour he used to amuse himself by saying, 'It's the first time a pipe has changed into a shoe.'

It is a big world she sees, big enough and beautiful enough to amuse a little girl for some while.

You, who love to amuse yourself in all depths, will you not make an excursion into the depths of Edgar Poe?

The good Hindoos amuse themselves for hours together with these tasteless repetitions.

When people amuse themselves in a certain way, it is a good diagnosis of revolution.