Amusingly [adverb]

Definition of Amusingly:


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Sentence/Example of Amusingly:

He had evidently assumed the direction of matters and his big assistant was amusingly obedient.

It has recently been most amusingly varied by a visit from Lady Jersey.

He seemed to have a naïve spirit of drollery, and he related quite amusingly an experience of his railway journey.

Professor Hughes' experimental apparatus is of an amusingly simple description.

Lady Belfast describes very amusingly the visit of the English yachts to Cherbourg and the welcome they had there.

The Prince de Laval said yesterday, amusingly enough, that M. de Montrond's wit "fed on human flesh!"

We do not believe that there was a direct intention to tell falsehoods, but that they often deceived themselves very amusingly.

The dithyrambs of Diderot are, though not ridiculously, amusingly excessive: but they are only an exaggeration of the truth.

Mixed with this constant procrastination there was a personal activity which was amusingly misleading.

The hopelessness of the difficulty is amusingly, if rather distressingly, illustrated by this letter.