Ana [noun]

Definition of Ana:

a body of the most important, influential or superior works in music, literature, or art

Synonyms of Ana:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ana:


Sentence/Example of Ana:

Is credulity to be winged and crowned, while honest doubt is chained ana damned?

At one time these people were called Anabaptists, ana being the Greek word for "again."

All these bear the same name, with the prefix of the dedicatory patron, Santa Ana.

May we be worthy any eyes, or knowledge, When we are used thus?Ana.

Haditha is thirty-five miles from Khan Baghdadi, and Ana is an equal distance beyond.

It was decided that we should push on to a big bridge shown on the map as eight miles this side of Ana.

I also took a few of the more important prisoners, among them the governor of Ana.

During the run back to Ana we picked up the more important of our prisoners and took them with us.

On our arrival at Ana we were told that orders had come through that the town be evacuated on the following morning.

We ourselves went back to the camp which we had occupied near the bridge the night before entering Ana.