Anabases [noun]

Definition of Anabases:

advancement, gain

Synonyms of Anabases:

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Sentence/Example of Anabases:

A suspicion is thrown out in some editions of the Anabasis that the language cited might refer to an eclipse of the Sun.

The narrative of the surmounting of all these obstacles with tact and temper is the main subject of the famous "Anabasis."

His “Anabasis” is a true story as delightful as a fiction; his “Cyropædia” is a fiction full of truths.

Many a single line of the Anabasis presents a picture which deeply stirs the emotions.

C8.3, with its reference to the Anabasis, certainly looks as though it might have been written after his death.

It is the retreat of the 10,000 Greeks that Xenophon chronicles in the "Anabasis."

Readers of Xenophon's Anabasis will remember the frequency of the speeches in that charming book.

Xenophon has perceived that the education was limited to the higher classes, and states this distinctly in the "Anabasis."

After Xenophons Anabasis what is it usual for the preparatory student to take up next in order?

The Anabasis of Cyrus—his “march up” the country—affords another proof.