Anabolisms [noun]

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Anabolism, the formation of more complex chemical bodies by the agency of protoplasm, 86.

In the processes of anabolism the products absorbed are built into the tissues and cells of the body.

The processes concerned in metabolism are chiefly those of building up, “anabolism,” and breaking down, “catabolism.”

Similar considerations as to the formation and breaking up of the molecules in anabolism and catabolism apply to polymerization.

Of course this may be a matter of anabolism, pure and simple.

The former is constructive metabolism, or anabolism; the latter, destructive metabolism, or katabolism.

The sap of plants is thin and watery, corresponding with the preponderant anabolism of the plant.

A very noticeable expression of the anabolism of woman is her tendency to put on fat.

But the biological atoms are living, that is to say, they are continually undergoing anabolism and katabolism, growth and decay.

He thinks of the world as an animal organism subject to what are now called anabolism and catabolism.