Anachronistic [adjective]

Definition of Anachronistic:

no longer in use, in vogue

Synonyms of Anachronistic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Anachronistic:

Sentence/Example of Anachronistic:

When schools closed in March, teachers immediately stepped in to fill the gaps left when our paper-based instructional materials became anachronistic overnight.

The boys’ music lessons, to Peter, seemed woefully, almost willfully anachronistic, a literal fiddling while Rome or Los Angeles burned.

For fans of the current team, this might seem some combination of anachronistic and silly, the star running back wearing elaborate costumes and assuming bizarre personas for his weekly Thursday sessions with reporters.

Cases of wills being hastily inscribed on physical objects are becoming increasingly anachronistic.

She has neglected no source which would throw light upon this very anachronistic epoch.

Anachronistic, non-standard, and inconsistent spellings retained as printed.

I don't mind Slith so much, he's only a little anachronistic reptile, a descendent of happier days in dinosaurial dawndom.

A lead-gray British cruiser swings below them, an anachronistic Chinese gunboat lower still.

It is anachronistic and does not agree with the views now generally accepted by historical students.

As Ciaran is said to have died in 548, the statement that Becc mac De foretold his coming is anachronistic.