Anacreontic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Anacreontic:

The "Anacreontic to a Plumassier" is a very delicate piece of verse, fluffy and feathery.

"The Anacreontic hymns of John Damascenus form a marked contrast to—" when the sentence was interrupted by a knock at the door.

In the succeeding example the sentiment is still more Anacreontic.

He said this to himself as an officer was trolling forth an anacreontic song.

Toast, sentiment, and anacreontic song, succeeded each other at speedy intervals; but there was no speechifying—no politics.

There is use, too, of mythological figures quite foreign to Sterne, an obvious reminiscence of Jacobis Anacreontic experience.

The peculiar verse of Skelton, styled skeltonical, is a sort of English anacreontic.

He wrote Anacreontic poems, full of wine and love, and appears to us like a reveller masking in a surplice.

It is the possible visits of Duke Wharton, and a few of his anacreontic associates, that excite my apprehension.

The song is good in itself, but it is even more interesting as being the last product of Peacock's Anacreontic vein.