Anaesthesia [noun]

Definition of Anaesthesia:

induced sleep; induced absence of feeling

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Sentence/Example of Anaesthesia:

Anaesthesia Sexualis status est in quo vir aut mulier omnino caret sensatione sexuali.

Anaesthesia, in its present sense, is truly a modern discovery, which is to be credited to the United States.

Its use spread rapidly to other branches of surgery, and cocaine local anaesthesia became quickly an accomplished fact.

They didn't cut huge slices out of my hide without benefit of anaesthesia.

Applied externally, ether evaporates very rapidly, producing such intense cold as to cause marked local anaesthesia.

Perhaps even more wonderful is the newer method of spinal anaesthesia, which we used largely for the difficult abdominal cases.

What a field hospital must have been before the days of anaesthesia is too horrible to contemplate.

Different forms of inflammation may then occur which all, besides anaesthesia, show a marked slowness in healing.

One hour later they pulled my fangs without benefit of anaesthesia.

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