Anaesthetics [noun]

Definition of Anaesthetics:

sleep-inducing or numbing drug

Synonyms of Anaesthetics:

Opposite/Antonyms of Anaesthetics:


Sentence/Example of Anaesthetics:

It was before the days of anaesthetics, which relieve all of these inconveniences, and above all, relax the muscles.

He was found of aesthetics and anaesthetics, and his chief interests in life were beauty and his big bills.

The greater number of deaths occur during the administration of anaesthetics, which seem peculiarly dangerous to these subjects.

And so kindly Nature had lessened the pangs he was suffering, and made him able to bear to the end by her own anaesthetics.

The exquisite pain and suffering endured previous to the use of anaesthetics often caused death by exhaustion.

Now ether and other anaesthetics have eliminated the chief pains of major operations.

Now, nerve particles are largely composed of fat, and anaesthetics dissolve fat.

Nature sends merciful anaesthetics in the shocks which almost kill us.

A perfectly safe and pleasant substitute for chloroform, ether, and all other anaesthetics.

With anaesthetics this state of things at any rate was changed.