Analogies [noun]

Definition of Analogies:

agreement, similarity

Synonyms of Analogies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Analogies:

Sentence/Example of Analogies:

Analogies have been found, or thought to exist, between the languages of several of the American tribes, and that of the Chinese.

Analogies between the individual and the race in this sphere exist in a general way, and their presence is significant.

Analogies in the sphere in the normal mental development of the individual may be considered first.

In False Analogies (which fall under this Fallacy) there is no pretence of a conclusive induction.

Analogies to words that differ only in accent, such as οὖ and οὔ, may be found in differences of pronunciation.

Analogies drawn from plant life may help us to understand how these causes operate.

The just man, being good for keeping property guarded, must also be good for stealing property — Analogies cited.

Analogies to prove that knowledge of knowledge is impossible.

Analogies are used in aid of Conviction: Metaphors, as means of Illustration.

(a) This is a point common to the arguments of all three Analogies.