Analytic [adjective]

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While these metrics are already well known and are regularly tracked by the app marketers around the world, you need to make sure to use a good analytics engine to track your audience engagement and business conversion more accurately.

In a good week, The Sunday Times Style YouTube channel reaches between 100,000 and 150,000 video views across all videos, according to SocialBlade analytics.

Aside from trying to predict your brand’s performance, you can also use analytics to tell how your users are currently responding to your campaign.

Follow their path on your website based on the data you received from website analytics, and end the journey on their first purchase.

In terms of conversions now everything should be actively connected to analytics.

Let’s face it, Facebook hasn’t exactly been airtight with its analytics.

Marketers who are able to pivot, use data and analytics to guide their efforts, and tap into the new needs of their buyers will continue to be successful as we enter the new world of work.

Prior to Adobe, Tim built and managed the Bing marketing analytics team at Microsoft.

This is typically where all your analytics are visualized so you can notice if something is out of the ordinary right away.

They’re starting to develop analytics that can detect what is a robocall and what is not.