Analytical [adjective]

Definition of Analytical:


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Sentence/Example of Analytical:

The “Analytical Review” praised her in a long and leading criticism.

Analytical methods which experience has shown to be faulty have been omitted, and replaced by newer and more accurate processes.

Analytical or dogmatic, comparative, anecdotical or facetious?

Analytical geometry originated with his investigation of the nature and origin of curves.

It is a great pity that the Analytical Chemist only occurs in two or three scenes of this excellent story.

Analytical minds naturally turn to wit, by preference: Impressionistic minds to humour.

Analytical study points distinctly to a coming time of increased comfort for working humanity.

Analytical chemistry, or the art of distinguishing different chemical substances, was rapidly developing, Phlogiston theory.

Analytical Geometry: the representation of geometrical figures and their relations by algebraic equations.

Analytical chemists check the work at every stage in the factory, and labour-saving appliances are the rule and not the exception.