Analytics [noun]

Definition of Analytics:

science of logical analysis

Synonyms of Analytics:

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Sentence/Example of Analytics:

The company also provides its clients with a data analytics platform to help them with targeted ad campaigns and making their listings more visible on food delivery apps.

All the marketing suits come with analytics tools to help perceive the behavior, engagement metrics, and demographics of the visitors coming to a website.

Microsoft will also enable its workplace analytics software to help employers spot and support workers who are at risk of burnout.

Leveraging your data and analytics skills in itself can become a new revenue stream, if you decide to offer consultancy and training for SMBs and enterprises.

Location analytics and data providers InMarket and NinthDecimal are joining forces.

The data analytics company is leaving my adopted hometown not because of hypergrowth or sudden failure, but due to irreconcilable differences.

It went on to build a data-mining and analytics team and began producing smart data maps to help nonprofits, governments, and local public health professionals understand where the resource gaps are and how they might be filled.

They’ve invested the time for the meetings and maybe even shared their analytics account.

An Entities tab lists all companies and services with a presence on the page — content delivery networks or analytics providers, etc.

It sounds complicated, but you can actually use analytics tools to help you make sense of the vast amounts of data.