Analyzed [verb]

Definition of Analyzed:

examine and determine

Synonyms of Analyzed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Analyzed:

Sentence/Example of Analyzed:

That’s according to recent research from financial tech company Tipalti, which analyzed data from the Fortune 500 list to determine how much money companies are making per employee.

After seeing YouTube’s announcement of the shorter minimum, the first publisher analyzed its YouTube channels’ video libraries and found that one channel had roughly 500 videos that were between 8 minutes and 10 minutes in length.

They analyzed the effect of such programs on manager diversity at 829 US companies over three decades.

In addition, some of the specific techniques have been used in crime prevention and policing – like collecting and analyzing social media data and cellphone subscriber information.

It automatically sends the rate-us chat message I mentioned earlier, it keeps all the chat histories, so we can analyze them when necessary.

This particular report allows you to analyze the user’s behavior like never before and reveal further gaps in your UX and internal linking.

Between the critical period from March to Mid-May this year, BrightEdge analyzed consumer behavior.

GTmetrix analyzes sites’ load speeds, identifying the specific features that make a site too big, too slow, and satisfactorily fast.

To analyze your site and its traffic, you can use the Finteza tool.

The mobile-friendly testing tool from Google is a decent stop-gap but you can only analyze a page at a time.