Analyzes [verb]

Definition of Analyzes:

examine and determine

Synonyms of Analyzes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Analyzes:

Sentence/Example of Analyzes:

This can be done with the help of the Competitor Comparison tool, which identifies which keywords the analyzed websites have in common.

Use SimilarWeb’s digital marketing intelligence tool to find your best affiliates by analyzing performance statistics of display publishers and referral sites.

In addition to regular reader and listener surveys, Slate gathers data about what its audience consumes on its site, using IBM’s Watson technology to analyze the contents of Slate’s articles and podcasts.

In analyzing the data, The Washington Post counted every ballot only once, since the vast majority of ballots are sent locally.

It's dangerous to analyze national exit polls or popular vote totals until everything's counted, sometime in the next month.

Mathematicians can’t calculate most Ramsey numbers because all but the smallest graphs are too complex to analyze directly.

New research that analyzed the fossil record of Egg Mountain, a paleontology site in Montana, suggests that this gregarious trait may go farther back than scientists previously thought.

After all, filling a pool of special chemicals to bathe massive artifacts in order to age, analyze, photograph, or rebuild them for a museum, is no simple task.

By analyzing the outcomes from infection of over 5,000 people, the researchers found that while age and health before infection played a role in the lower death rate, medical advances in treating the virus contributed significantly.

New technologies that can analyze genetic and cellular changes on a very small scale have brought about a renaissance in engram neuroscience over the last few years, Ramirez said.