Analyzing [verb]

Definition of Analyzing:

examine and determine

Synonyms of Analyzing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Analyzing:

Sentence/Example of Analyzing:

Repeated observations for the same individuals allow disentangling age patterns from idiosyncratic variation and analyzing how age patterns change over time and across birth cohorts.

Jung explained that given Pauli’s issues with women he might best be analyzed at first by a female therapist.

We’ve made public releases of hundreds of such operations from over 10 nations, with tens of thousands of accounts each and terabytes of data that allow people outside the company to analyze it and understand the patterns of manipulation at play.

Mathematics has developed sophisticated tools for analyzing complex problems, and the world certainly has quite a few complex problems at the moment.

When the AI analyzed pressure data similar to biological tactile neurons, the person was able to better identify different objects with their eyes closed.

Hetman said the company analyzed more than 30 million of commercial miles traveled in North America with its existing combustion engine Transit vans.

Computer scientists like Ackerman analyze, study and write algorithms to solve a wide range of problems.

The mission, which will launch in the mid-2020s, could give scientists an opportunity to figure out how suitable Europa might be for life by analyzing the glow coming off the night side of the moon.

Li and Chakraborty analyzed the intensity of historical Atlantic hurricanes over the first 24 hours after landfall.

New data from the Rhodium Group, analyzed by ProPublica, shows that climate damage will wreak havoc on the southern third of the country, erasing more than 8% of its economic output and likely turning migration from a choice to an imperative.