Anamnesis [noun]

Definition of Anamnesis:

ability to hold in the mind

Synonyms of Anamnesis:

Opposite/Antonyms of Anamnesis:

Sentence/Example of Anamnesis:

A more thorough anamnesis showed the existence of an extreme prudishness.

Recollection (anamnesis) alone would prove pre-existence, but not existence after death.

With the exception of negativism, which appears only in the anamnesis, all the cardinal stupor symptoms are found in this history.

An aunt who gave the anamnesis had known the patient only since she came to the United States, a year before admission.

The anamnesis states that she was slow, complained of not being able to think and feeling as if she had no brain.

Frequently these early symptoms are reported in the anamnesis and not actually observed by the physician.

The material furnished by the anamnesis is the source from which our work starts.