Anapestic [adjective]

Definition of Anapestic:

with rhythm and beauty; related to poetic composition

Synonyms of Anapestic:

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Sentence/Example of Anapestic:

Virgilius Mars wrote in hexameters; Horatius Flaccus in alcaic, sapphic, and anapestic verse.

In like manner we have anapestic lines of all lengths from monometer to hexameter.

Anapestic verse consists of a regular recurrence of two unstressed syllables preceding a stressed syllable, — — /.

There is evident a tendency toward the rising verse and the anapestic foot.

Here we have a hexameter which is neither iambic nor anapestic, but a combination of the two rhythms.

Often it seems to an English reader to have an anapestic effect, and to be best described as anapestic tetrameter.

A poetic foot of three syllables which bears the accent on the third syllable is called an anapestic foot.

His viking code, with its swift anapestic rhythm, has a breezy melody which sings in the ear.

Again we find, especially in dactyllic and anapestic lines, a trochee or spondee thrown in to vary the movement.

Technically the poem is anapestic tetrameter much varied by the introduction of iambic feet.