Anarchies [noun]

Definition of Anarchies:

lawlessness; absence of government

Synonyms of Anarchies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Anarchies:

Sentence/Example of Anarchies:

Celebrated as the “East Side Joan of Arc” and condemned as the “she-dog of anarchy,” Gurley burns through these pages like an avenging angel.

He’ll see the saboteur allowing chaos and anarchy to reign globally.

They were sure that the white troops in Meerut would soon arrive and put an end to the prevalent anarchy.

A remnant of the long parliament assembled during the anarchy, and has been termed the rump.

Mr. Hutchinson was doubtless temperamentally less inclined to fear tyranny than anarchy.

Such a course would tend only to bloody and interminable anarchy.

The Republic had proved an utter failure, and France was but a tempest-tossed ocean of anarchy.

The anarchy lasted, with some short intervals of composedness, till the general election of 1765.

There are those who would overthrow the institutions of the land, that are noble, and plant anarchy where oppression flourished.

The invader who reduces a nation to anarchy, and then suffers from the disorder he creates, always calls his opponents brigands.