Anarchistic [adjective]

Definition of Anarchistic:

reckless, ungoverned

Opposite/Antonyms of Anarchistic:

Sentence/Example of Anarchistic:

She's a woman of faultless character, but her instincts, as Altiora would say, are anarchistic—when she gives them a chance.

James Knowles so respected him that he allowed him to write anarchistic articles for his high-toned Nineteenth Century.

They seem to be written not because Edelstadt is a poet, but because he belongs to the Anarchistic party.

He chose for his teachers men well known for their anarchistic ideas.

These stories are sadly spoiled by a crude philosophy and by "anarchistic" protestations against present values.

Don't you remember that he merely made an anarchistic speech, in denunciation of society?

In reference to some the word "anarchistic" should be substituted for "revolutionary."

It is impossible to present here all recognized Anarchistic teachings, not to say all Anarchistic teachings.

First, he must be acquainted with the most important Anarchistic writings.

The place of the Anarchistic teachings in the total realm of our experience.