Anarchs [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Anarchs:

It was he who invented anarch for the spirit of anarchy or disorder, and no one has found a better word to express the idea.

Now Emerson was an anarch who flouted the conventions of art and life.

And now she was discovering what a disorganizer love is, what an anarch among plans, what a smasher of china.

There the reign of a mightier and more dreadful Ruler, a greater Destroyer, a wilder Anarch, begins.

One trembles at the idea of this aristocratic anarch among the bleating law-makers.

But then he was a transcendentalist and an intellectual anarch.

The anarch's huge fists became knotted; wrinkles corrugated his forehead; but he did not stir.

His greatest service to his own country, indeed, was not as anarch, but as teacher of writing.

To the anarch the death of some body or the destruction of some thing is the cornerstone to his madhouse.

Weapons of the most ethereal temper spend their keenness in vain against the 'anarch old' whose power lies in utter insensibility.