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See the distinction between the "sciences physiques" and the "sciences physiologiques" in the "Anatomic Générale," 1801.

I can mention but few of the names most eminent during this Anatomic Period, and but a short account of the life and work of each.

Recent anatomic observations quite accord with these physiological facts.

These anatomic and physiological facts may easily be observed in the chromacea, which are found everywhere.

Yes, sir; both in anatomic pathology and in clinical pathology in 1955.

Furthermore, the anatomic relations of the fowl are such as to preclude its presence.

Qu sententi anatomic mult vel perperam recept convelluntur vel partim percept illustrantur.

Unlike the artists of the anatomic school, she makes the model for herself—hence the perfect correspondence of its parts.

They prudishly despised the anatomic study of the human figure, of landscape and chiaroscuro.

His Institutiones Anatomic was for long a standard textbook in the universities.