Anatomical [adjective]

Definition of Anatomical:

basic, natural

Synonyms of Anatomical:

Opposite/Antonyms of Anatomical:

Sentence/Example of Anatomical:

He stresses that these dynamics exist over and above the “more rigid anatomical structure” of the brain.

Because the reference brain was extremely detailed, this allowed the team to better figure out the location of brain cells and regions in a particular anatomical space.

With CT scanning, scientists have now mapped the skull’s structure, revealing hidden anatomical features that tie the animal closely to the four species of American crocodiles alive today.

Whenever different numbers develop or evolve, they bring other anatomical problems.

Moreover, “developmental bias” means that anatomical variation is not produced at random.

Anatomical peculiarities prevent the proper functions of the nervous system, as it is not hard to understand.

He filled his room with abnormal fragments of the human body, and surrounded himself with jars of preserved anatomical specimens.

Of course, no attempt has been made in the above figure to express anatomical forms and relations exactly.

The clinical lectures are delivered in the Hospital of San Andres, to which an anatomical amphitheatre was attached in 1792.

Taking its anatomical structure into consideration, there is doubtless a wide distinction, both as regards food and habit.