Ancestors [noun]

Definition of Ancestors:

predecessor in family

Synonyms of Ancestors:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ancestors:

Sentence/Example of Ancestors:

But that is past; and I feel, that could birth give dignity, my ancestors of Nassau reigned in this very palace!

Afterward, accompanied by his relatives, he proceeded to the room where were placed the tablets in memory of his ancestors.

In one case the result is due to the action of his ancestors and society, in the other to the act of God.

The primitive savages, who were the ancestors of all men, however civilized they may be, were students of Nature.

But our ancestors were generally so much blinded by prejudice that this inconsistency passed unnoticed.

It is not easy for us to see this question in the light in which it appeared to our ancestors.

But before the Revolution our ancestors had known a standing army only as an instrument of lawless power.

And you have quite a distinguished collection of real ancestors, and intellect instead of mere cleverness.

These gentlemen respected me for myself alone without troubling their heads about my ancestors.

My mother's ancestors lived there; and once, when the house was being repaired, she took me in to show me the old place.