Ancestral [adjective]

Definition of Ancestral:

related to previous family or family trait

Synonyms of Ancestral:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ancestral:


Sentence/Example of Ancestral:

Our family land signified an ancestral connection to the greater sacred cacao story, which I suddenly found myself belonging to, creating a new grounding in my career.

Colonialism is strong, but I believe our ancestral ways are stronger.

I am writing this column from my now socially distant home on the ancestral lands of the Osage, Miami, Sioux, and Haudenosauneega people.

Patriarch Georges-Henri Meylan, who was CEO of Audemars Piguet for 21 years, entrusted the running of Moser to his then 35-year-old son Edouard Meylan, an engineer and Wharton MBA who was lured back to his ancestral industry.

Since then, Blakeslee’s excavations along the Walnut River have filled in gaps between ancestral Wichita sites.

Needless to say, the Worcestershire baronet had returned to his ancestral acres a sadder but a wiser man.

Some time after Bruce went north, he proceeded to Douglasdale again78 and placed an ambush near his ancestral castle.

Therefore is there, in me, at least, an insistent whisper for ancestral and long denied rights.

The one possessed the prestige of wealth, and rank, and ancestral power; the other, the energy of a vigorous and cultivated mind.

Thus, as for religion, in order to satisfy the requirements of the definition, I must restrict myself to my ancestral religion.