Ancestries [noun]

Definition of Ancestries:

family predecessors; family history

Synonyms of Ancestries:

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Sentence/Example of Ancestries:

Lucero grew up in and around Long Beach, California, hearing stories about her indigenous ancestry from her mother and grandmother.

Without diving into the historical relevancy of hemp and its agricultural ancestry, I want people to know that hemp has always been a part of the American economy.

This makes these ancestry groups two of the fastest growing in the US over this period.

Eventually that ancestry spread as far east as Easter Island, also known as Rapa Nui, a team led by computational biologist Alexander Ioannidis and population geneticist Andrés Moreno-Estrada reports online July 8 in Nature.

The genetic data can’t establish which Polynesian islanders mated with the South Americans before spreading that ancestry elsewhere in the Pacific, only that evidence so far points to the southern Marquesas.

It was not a very desirable ancestry, and she glanced timidly at Jack to see how he was taking it.

I wondered if she would respond to her ancestry if placed among arduous experiences.

Cheek bones rather strongly marked; a hint of Scandinavian ancestry supported by his name.

Can I really have found the tap-root of my illustrious ancestry at last?

The child that has a bad ancestry and shows hysterical tendencies should be carefully reared.