Anchorage [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Anchorage:

You reach it via a 30-minute water-taxi ride from the town of Homer, four hours south of Anchorage.

Mouser continued living and working openly in Anchorage during that time.

Beginning in 1988, he worked at a Wash-and-Lube car wash in midtown Anchorage.

That week, the Alaska Federation of Natives convention began in Anchorage.

In fact, she was in Fairbanks, hundreds of miles from the hotel in Anchorage, on the night of her mother’s hotel room encounter.

Most of the troop transports have left their anchorage and gone back to Mudros for fear of submarines.

So that we were compelled to remain all the next day at the anchorage to shift them.

The boats were therefore hoisted in, and preparations made to leave the anchorage.

This bay very probably affords good anchorage out of the strength of the tides.

The harbor is one of the best and affords safe anchorage for the largest ocean-going vessels.