Anchorite [noun]

Definition of Anchorite:

man who devotes life to contemplation of god

Synonyms of Anchorite:

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Sentence/Example of Anchorite:

His philosophy had   made him neither an ascetic nor an anchorite.

A description of this anchorite of the rocks will be given in a later chapter.

There rushed over him a horror that he could have succumbed so easily to the temptation that befalls every anchorite.

You live the life of an anchorite here, never coming to the city, and I remain in retirement, scarcely ever going from the city.

The solitary anchorite was soon supplanted by the cœnobitic establishment, the monastery.

"You ought not to have made yourself such an anchorite," he said at last.

How many of us have in our day thought longingly of that blessed anchorite!

Such was the uneventful life of Simon Melas the anchorite, until there came the day of wrath.

The cavern was in the shape of a cross, and had evidently been the abode of some anchorite of a time long past.

The term was also used of the small sleeping apartments of the monks, or a small apartment used by the anchorite or hermit.