Anciently [adverb]

Definition of Anciently:

in ancient times

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Sentence/Example of Anciently:

Anciently, indeed, what had been lavishly given was not seldom violently taken away.

On the other hand it is asserted that only the priests were anciently distinguished in Egypt by this custom.

The answer suggested is that there were anciently seven strings, and that Terpander left out the Trit and added the Nt.

The city was anciently built about the Athenæum, which is now beyond the city, at the (fountain) Hypelæus.

Anciently the Magnetes were utterly extirpated by Treres, a Cimmerian tribe, who for a long period made successful inroads.

Mylasa is said to have been anciently a village, but the native place and royal residence of Hecatomnus and the Carians.

The Aradii were anciently governed by their own kings in the same manner as all the other Phœnician cities.

The place-name Rothwell, anciently Rodewelle, is no doubt with reason assumed to be “well of the rood or cross”.

The Star Chamber was probably so named from being anciently ornamented with golden stars.

It is clear that hurling somewhat resembled football as anciently played in England and Scotland between parish and parish.