Ancientness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ancientness:

By daylight some of the horror goes, but the impression of ancientness and desolation remains.

But, modern as they are, they have done what they could to put themselves in harmony with the ancientness all about.

The effect, in connection with the great panelled well of the staircase, is one of rich and goodly ancientness.

The real charm of Sussex lies in its ancientness and in its simple, good-humoured country folk, not in its modernness.

Those who bear title of the same rank take precedence of one another according to the ancientness of the title they bear.

Its ancientness is evidenced by its dwarfed courts and tiny Hall.

His sight was upon him again, and his gray ancientness was green youth once more.

Modern German taste in art, architecture and decoration do not harmonize with the ancientness and historic severity of Alsace.

Ill-cured it was, and battered and marred with ancientness and rough usage.

I do not wish to combat the ancientness of any town or any family.