Ancients [noun]

Definition of Ancients:

person born in the country in which he/she dwells

Synonyms of Ancients:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ancients:

Sentence/Example of Ancients:

If they are Ancients and dead then let them be buried and left to the archæological excavator.

Among the ancients, the tools which served in the arts were few in number, and these of exceeding simplicity.

Owing to their strange appearance, comets were to the ancients omens of calamity.

This was the opinion of all the ancients; it has been asserted that Helen was seventy when she was carried off by Paris.

This island was known in early times to the ancients, and appears to have been used as a summer or sea-bathing resort.

An author of modern times usually proves the ancients inferior to us in two ways: by reason and examples.

The ancients, it must be confessed, almost always spoke in allegories.

Just so will he judge of the ancients; not by their names—not by the age in which they lived—but by their works themselves.

And when the king was come to Tyre, three men were sent from the ancients to plead the cause before him.

The common drama obliged him to a plot well formed and pleasant, or, as the ancients call it, one entire and great action.