Ancillas [noun]

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The more data and ancilla qubits that make up each logical qubit, the more errors that can be detected and corrected.

The larger is Ancilla pyramidalis, the smaller Ancilla mucronata.

Surely those enlightened men mused with spiritual benefit before the Ecce ancilla Domini at Moissac?

Serva means a female slave, with especial reference to her legal condition; ancilla, in ordinary life, as the feminine of servus.

There are two other kinds of Ancilla found in New Zealand, the one much larger, and the other much smaller, than the one depicted.

At the age of twenty-two, Ancilla turned a dancer and Spina became a singer.

It was ever God Who was ordering "all things sweetly" for her, and she had nothing to say but "Ecce ancilla—fiat."

In this matter, he adds, science must be ancilla theologiæ and return to the correct usage of words.

Or does he go to hers at her father's, climbing a garden wall every night like Romeo, bribing the porter, or trusting Ancilla?

Hic quiescit ancilla Dei, quæ de suis omnibus possidet domum istam, quam amicæ deflent solaciumque requirunt.