Ancones [noun]

Definition of Ancones:

angular part of arm; angularly shaped item

Synonyms of Ancones:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ancones:


Sentence/Example of Ancones:

You see the Ancon combined business with pleasure, and distributed coal in quantities to suit throughout the Alaskan lagoon.

Let me record an episode that occasioned no little excitement among the passengers and crew of the Ancon.

When an Ancon ewe is impregnated by a common ram, the progeny resembles wholly either the ewe or the ram.

We rocked like a cradle—the Ancon rocks like a cradle on the slightest provocation.

This example is from an ancient work basket obtained at Ancon, Peru, and shown in Fig. 299.

Among the beautiful articles recovered from the tombs of Ancon, Peru, are some much decayed specimens of feather work.

An example of embroidery obtained from an ancient grave at Ancon, Peru, is shown in Fig. 349.

I made the acquaintance of Maitland on the morning after my arrival on Ancon Hill.

It will be better for you to take a coach and ride to the hospital at Ancon.

How would you like to live in a tent among the boys on Ancon Hill?