Andirons [noun]

Definition of Andirons:

metal fireplace support

Synonyms of Andirons:

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Sentence/Example of Andirons:

Moodily he stood there, one hand on the high mantel shelf, one foot upon an andiron, his eyes upon the flames.

Andiron, and′ī-urn, n. the iron bars which support the ends of the logs in a wood fire, or in which a spit turns.

The dog stretched himself before one andiron; the cat squat down before the other.

Chenet is the French expression, an andiron, or dog-iron, as it is sometimes called.

A mug of cider stood near one andiron; leaning against the other was a flat stone,—the Squire's "Simon."

I stayed down stairs, and, to kind o' break up my sorrer, I chucked my head aginst the knob that was atop o' the andiron!

Nicholas knocked his pipe against the andiron, and rose, to lay it carefully on the shelf.

Some persons calls them andy irons (andiron) but I sticks to my raisin' and say fire-dogs.

To shape the feet of the andiron: The drawing shows the shape and length the legs should be.

The stud is screwed into the andiron and into the frame as shown by the dotted lines.