Androgynous [adjective]

Definition of Androgynous:

having male and female traits

Synonyms of Androgynous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Androgynous:


Sentence/Example of Androgynous:

These flowers are still regarded as more or less sacred, and they are called feminine, although really androgynous.

For the androgynous woman despises every approach to coquetry, as she despises all the other insignia of feminine servitude.

The notion of man being at first androgynous, or man-woman, was prevalent in most of the countries of antiquity.

It escaped him as it has escaped later biologists that Man, the highest of the vertebrates, is still androgynous.

But to accomplish this work, which we may also call diabolic, isn't an androgynous genius necessary?

Androgynous, having both staminate and pistillate flowers in the same cluster.

The most definite androgynous figure is the Greek Hermaphroditos.

At times she was also regarded as androgynous, both male and female.

They were not merely hermaphroditic, nor androgynous, nor parthenogenetic.

After these, the androgynous being, called the Venus of Arles, is scarcely worthy of being mentioned.